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Studio Time: Future Thinking in Art and Design Co-edited by Jan Boelen, Ils Huygens, Heini Lehtinen. 2018.

Future reader Studio Time: Future Thinking in Art and Design approaches future fictions, future literacy and future ethics in art and design. The book consists of essays and art and design projects from over 30 prominent thinkers, designers, architects and artists. The book is produced by Z33 Research  / Z33 House for Contemporary Art . Graphic design by Joris Kritis . 304 pages. In English. International distribution.

Public speaking

Postphenomenology of space Lecture. Wednesday 12 September 2018 at 16.00. In Finnish.
Habitare Pro .
Helsinki, Finland.

Detecting and measuring physical, cognitive and emotional experience and its impacts in the brain and body significantly changes how health impact of spaces is perceived.
Developing research technologies increasingly enable measuring these experiences.
    How can this affect the architecture or interior design practice? The lecture proposes a postphenomenological approach to architecture and spatial design and opens the topic up to conversation through practical cases.
Home, space and mental well-being Lecture. Friday 14 September 2018 at 16.00. In Finnish.
Habitare .
Helsinki, Finland.

Connectedness to ourselves, others, environment, time and energy can be observed as essential elements of physical, psychological and emotional well-being.
    A home connects its inhabitants to themselves through dreams, memories, past, present and future.
It reflects and supports our lifestyle, and connects us to the others living in the household, to the neighbors, to the environment, and to passing of time.
    The lecture provides practical examples on how a home enhances well-being of its inhabitants through sense of togetherness, belonging and presence, and how it is possible for the inhabitant or a designer to improve experience of connectedness.


Design as contextual diplomacy Lecture. March 2018.
Design Academy Eindhoven , MA Departments.
Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

In the jungle of different perspectives, educations, working cultures and expertise, the encounter between design and politically-engaged institutions can be a challenging one. 'Design as Contextual Diplomacy' focuses on the role and conditions of design projects in political institutions or NGOs. The lecture proposes two approaches to the role of design – design as contextual diplomacy and design as integrative practice – in political and societal contexts.

Conflict resolution and design Public talk. September 2017.
Design Museum , Helsinki, Finland.

When growing tensions in a society threaten to escalate into conflicts or have already turned into violent conflicts, skills and knowledge of conflict management and mediation become key. The talk opens up peace mediation process and approaches spaces of peace negotiations from design perspective. How can design knowledge contribute to successful conflict resolution? How can elements of connecting conflicting parties be applied to design of our everyday environments? Hosting a curator’s talk in connection to exhibition ‘Enter and Encounter.’ With Itonde Kakoma, Head of Sub-Saharan Operations, Programme Director, Crisis Management Initiative CMI .
Future-proof design: Impact of megatrends on design Public talk. September 2017.
Helsinki Design Week 2017 , Helsinki, Finland.

How will megatrends such as urbanization, sharing economy or sustainability affect design? How will the role of urban design, architecture or product design change along major societal and economic changes? With professor, futurist Markku Wilenius / Finland's Futures Research Centre , architect Eero Lundén / Lunden Architecture Co , architect Anni Vanha-Patokoski and architect Marco Steinberg / Snowcone & Haystack (moderator).
What is contemporary design? Public talk. June 2017.
Design Museum , Helsinki, Finland.

Exhibition 'Enter and Encounter' and the current state and directions of design. With 'Enter and Encounter' co-curators Paula Bello, Katja Hagelstam / Lokal , Juha Kronqvist / Hellon , Ville Tikka / Wevolve and Esa Vesmanen / Pure Design + Suvi Saloniemi / Design Museum and Kaisa Logren / The Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo . •

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