Raven & Wood is a research and design agency with a mission to improve human health by means of integrative spatial design. We work with leaders and decision-makers to enable them to enhance human health in private and public organizations and in the respective reference groups.

For us, connectedness to ourselves, others, environment, time and energy is crucial for human well-being. Health is connectedness, thrive, creativity and productivity rising from care and respect. 
    In our work, research informs design. From theoretical perspective, we focus on social sustainability of human environments through architecture, mind-body-space axis, architectural psychology and postphenomenology of architecture. This research is applied to practice in order to design spaces – both private and public – that enable connectedness and support human health.
    Our headquarters is located in Brussels, Belgium. We work internationally and with a global network of highly skilled designers, architects and experts who share our values – respecting and taking care of each other and the environment.


Research and design that focuses on spatial health – spatial elements that support our mental, emotional and physical well-being.


When our basic phychological, emotional and physical needs are met, we can focus on development. Human health and thrive enable better performance in both private and work life, decrease health costs and increase social and financial capital. Physical, mental and emotional wellness also contributes to taking care of an individual’s close community. Health is a long-term investment; showing care and respect pay back also in a short time scale.

For whom

For public and private organizations and institutions who want to create and maintain public and private spaces that support health and thrive in the organization and in its reference groups.


By pairing pragmatic spatial design with architectural psychology and postphenomenological approach. By scanning, collecting and distributing knowledge about a variety of aspects that affect the future of health and spatial design. By delivering high-quality research, spatial design and implementation.


Raven & Wood works with an international network of highly skilled professionals. Networked model of working enables both agility and a variety of perspectives. This network consists of designers, architects, researchers, editors and experts working in projects or as correspondants from their respective fields of expertise. Our network shares our values and vision, and we trust and respect their opinion.

The first-phase network will be announced in October 2018.

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Heini Lehtinen is a creative director, interior architect and writer. The agency brings together years of research in the intersection of well-being and space with her 10+ years of experience as a design journalist and editor-in-chief.
    Lehtinen is qualified WELL AP™ (WELL Accredited Professional) by the International WELL Building Institute™ . The credential denotes expertise in the WELL Building Standard and a commitment to advancing human health and wellness in buildings and communities. She holds a MDes degree in Social Design from Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands, and BA degrees in Interior Architecture and Lighting Design, and in Production and Management of Services (Fashion) in Finland.
    Lehtinen is a co-editor of the book Studio Time: Future Thinking in Art and Design  (2018) with Jan Boelen and Ils Huygens for Z33 Research in Belgium, co-curator of Enter and Encounter (2017) exhibition for the Design Museum in Finland, and a co-founder of Fictional Journal (2016), an online publication for cultural-societal design.

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