Raven & Wood actively engages in research onto spatial health, the wellness phenomenon, new luxury, and design and health policies. We look into science and practices of connectedness and apply them to design for spatial health.

Raven & Wood™ Special Report

Raven & Wood™ Special Report provides both pragmatic insight and thought-provoking foresight into the future of spatial health. Published six times a year, the thematic reports provide insight into latest studies and emerging best practices. They engage experts in their respective fields to envision and challenge future scenarios, and cover the relevant discourse in the media. The report is a tool for leaders and decision-makers to develop built environments that support mental and physical health in connection with their respective private or public organizations.

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Raven & Wood™ Bespoke

We also work with organizations of different sizes on made-to-measure research concerning spatial health. This includes custom-made market reports, case studies and reports for a special need, such as how to create environments that enable and enhance sense of respect, trust, hope, care or intimacy. Raven & Wood™ Bespoke reports break down a concrete phenomenon or an intangible experience into understandable elements, and analyze them from perspective of the commissioner. The made-to-measure research can be applied to internal use or distributed as a publication to the organization's reference groups.

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Design interventions for spatial health can be subtle and immediate. Working on what already exists is both sustainable and cost-effective. For us, it is essential to investigate what already works well and should be maintained or only slightly improved. This investigation of external elements, such as physical premises and spatial functions, and introspection into challenges, needs and visions, enable moving on to a full design process or to making subtle and immediate interventions to improve spatial health.

Raven & Wood™ Analysis

Raven & Wood™ Analysis is a tool for making slight health-focused spatial shifts in an organisation’s premises, such as office spaces and lounge areas, or at private residencies. The analysis includes two confidential half-day meetings and an action plan. During the first conversation we delve into your needs, dreams, visions and wishes as well as into the organization’s spatial policies and practices. In the second meeting, you’ll receive recommendations and a plan for immediate interventions in the premises and we’ll discuss the implementation together in a dialogue. The analysis can be a beginning of a design process or aim at subtle interventions. 

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Experiences of health, wellbeing and thrive are ones of feeling nourished, empowered and beautiful. Simply put, it is about feeling good. Designing for health is designing for the experience of pleasure. It is designing spaces, objects and services for the senses as well as for everyday indulgence and abundance. Instead of designing aesthetics of efficiency, it is designing aesthetics of wellbeing – still including functionality and technical requirements, naturally.

Raven & Wood™ Design

Coming in the autumn 2018.

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High quality is respect. Raven & Wood strives for excellence and aim in delivering more than is expected. We work with a network of experienced designers, architects, material suppliers and construction companies. Our project management efficiently organizes schedules, teams and material flows from design to construction.

Raven & Wood™ Management

Coming in the autumn 2018.

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