Experiences of health, well-being and thrive are ones of feeling nourished, empowered and beautiful. Designing for well-being is designing for the experience of pleasure. It is designing spaces, objects and services for the senses, abundance and everyday indulgence. Instead of implementing aesthetics of efficiency, it is creating aesthetics of well-being – still including functionality and technical requirements, naturally.

Raven & Wood™ Spatial Design

We focus on designing beautiful spaces with a positive impact on emotional, cognitive and physical well-being – and on financial profit for the client or partner. Functionality of the space comes first, and beauty is a function. Well-being is energy, motivation and productivity. We design workspaces, healthcare and exercise facilities, schools, daycares and nurseries, hospitality, retail, restaurants and private residencies.

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Raven & Wood™ Creative Direction

Our work starts with a strong concept that guides the design. We have an experienced team for concept design and creative direction for brands, services and events. Our approach is always strategic and directed towards how to communicate the chosen approach. High quality graphic identity and materials are a crucial part of both creative direction and strategic communications.

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Strategy & Consultation

For us, it is essential to investigate what already works well, what can be only slightly improved and what would require a complete renewal. We delve into external elements, such as physical premises and spatial functions, and internal aspects, such as challenges, needs and visions. This enables us and the partner to move onto a full design process or to make subtle and immediate interventions to improve spatial health.

Raven & Wood™ Spatial Health Strategy

Raven & Wood™ Spatial Health Strategy is a short- and long-term roadmap for public and private organisations in developing the current or future premises to better suit for the health and well-being of the occupants. Based on research and analysis of the current state of the premises and the organisation, the strategy is a practical tool for enhancing well-being in the buildings and in the community. The strategy can function independently or it can be built to support applying for WELL Building Standard Certification .

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WELL Building Standard Consultation

Qualified for WELL Building Standard  consultation and application, we can run a WELL Building Standard certification process. This includes both collecting the required documents and informing and connecting the stakeholders along the project. WELL Building Standard well-being certification can be applied to workspaces and office buildings, communities and city districts, educational facilities, multifamily residential buildings, restaurants, commercial kitchens and exercise facilities.

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Raven & Wood actively engages in research onto spatial health, the wellness phenomenon, new luxury, and design and health policies. We look into science and practices of connectedness and apply them to design for spatial health.

Raven & Wood™ Bespoke

Made-to-measure research concerning spatial health includes custom-made market reports, case studies and reports for a special need, such as how to create environments that enable and enhance sense of respect, trust, hope, care or intimacy. Raven & Wood™ Bespoke fathoms phenomena affecting the future needs and functions as a ‘why’ base for design decisions. The reports break down a concrete phenomenon or an intangible experience into understandable elements, and analyze them from perspective of the commissioner. The made-to-measure research can be applied to internal use or distributed as a publication to the organization's reference groups.

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High quality is respect. Raven & Wood strives for excellence and aim in delivering more than is expected. We work with a network of experienced designers, architects, material suppliers and construction companies. Our project management efficiently organizes schedules, teams and material flows from design to construction.

Raven & Wood™ Management

For us, high-quality implementation of a design or a strategy is crucial. We run projects in an organised manner – be the project a design, construction or renovation, branding or an event, strategy or research.

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