Healthcare costs are on the rise as we live longer than ever, and are more overweight and depressed than ever. Today, depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. By consequence, individuals, communities and organisations suffer from a loss of energy, motivation, performance and profits.

Reasons for the increasing health issues are far less individual than are often thought of. Both mental health and overweight issues are largely due to contextual factors and could be decreased or prevented by shifts in our environment. Focusing on social sustainability of built environments and designing our environments to support our well-being is preventative healthcare.

High quality built environments that support our health and wellbeing enable us to thrive. Environments that feel good, are perceived beautiful and excel in their performance enable more pleasure, satisfaction, motivation and productivity. More social connectedness, better recovery and more joy equals to wellbeing of an individual, which contributes to wellbeing of the whole community.


Raven & Wood Agency is a design and research agency pioneering in spatial health. We are specialised in the environmental impact on psychological and emotional wellbeing. Our mission is to improve human wellbeing by means of integrative spatial design. We work with leaders and decision-makers to enable them to enhance human health and thrive in private and public organisations and in their respective reference groups.

Raven & Wood Agency’s headquarters is located in Helsinki, Finland. We work internationally and with a network of highly skilled designers, architects and experts who share our values – respecting and taking care of others and the environment. For us, health is pleasure and beauty is a function.


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Human beings are a part of our surroundings and profoundly connected to it. However, our modern lifestyle has largely disconnected us from nature, and also increasingly from other people, time and ourselves. In the future, along with growing understanding of quantum energy, we might also begin to understand our connectedness to a larger whole – energy – as well.

We approach psychological and emotional wellbeing through connectedness to ourselves, others, environment, time and energy. All the five components of connectedness consist of pragmatic design strategies and tactics, which are then applied to the design of our environments.


For us, WELL Building Standard™, the leading health and wellbeing standardisation in the world, is a research-based tool in creating high-quality designed environments that support human wellbeing and health.
WELL™ approaches design and operations of buildings as agents of public health. WELL™ is a tool to measure, verify and monitor building features that impact health and wellbeing. Consisting of hundreds of evidence-based design and operations strategies, WELL™ covers both spatial elements and organisational policies.

Compatible with environmental and energy standardisations such as LEED, BREEAM and Living Building Challenge, WELL™ approaches health in built environments through ten concepts of wellbeing: air, water, light, sound, thermal comfort, materials, movement, nourishment, mind and community

We guide you through WELL™ from the first thought of applying WELL™ to the end of certification process from preliminary studies, registration, implementation, verification, monitoring and recertification.




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Heini Lehtinen

Founder, Creative Director

Spatial health specialist, WELL AP

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