Raven & Wood is a design and research agency with a mission to improve human well-being by means of integrative spatial design. Raven & Wood Agency specialises in design for connectedness and spatial health with a special focus on emotional health.
    We approach spatial health through analysis and facilitation of connectedness to ourselves, to others, to the environment, time and energy. Ability to connect requires trust, respect and care, and it depends upon social and environmental reciprocity and the experience of hope. All these are elements of emotional well-being, and can be evoked and enhanced through design of our everyday environments.
Raven & Wood Agency works with leaders and decision-makers to enable them to enhance human health and thrive in private and public organisations and in their respective reference groups. We design workspaces, schools and daycare facilities, healthcare facilities, hospitality and private residencies. We work on creative direction and design research. We conduct spatial health strategies and WELL Building Standard™ consultation.
    Raven & Wood Agency’s headquarters is located in Helsinki, Finland. We work internationally and with a network of highly skilled designers, architects and experts who share our values – respecting and taking care of others and the environment.


Design for connectedness

For human emotional well-being, connectedness to oneself, others, the environment, time and energy are crucial. All these five categories can be further broken down into pragmatic aspects of everyday life, and they can be applied to designing spatial and social environments.
     In creative direction, the perspective of connectedness can be applied to a company, brand or an organisation. It can be a starting point for concept design or strategic design. The concept of connectedness looks into the core of the brand or the company and into its history and dreams in order to create a unique presence, concept, strategy and design. The starting point of the development is always internal and doesn’t rely on external inspiration.

Spatial health

Human health and well-being are still often understood as solely an individual’s responsibility. Personal responsibility does play a large part in a person’s well-being, but our environments often play a role that is less taken into consideration.
     How our everyday environments nurture or reject us has a significant impact on human physical, cognitive and emotional well-being and health. Materiality, proportions, accessibility, air and water quality, social aspects and many other elements of built environments impact our well-being. What kinds of cues our environments provide impacts our behaviour. These cues have also shown to relieve the symptoms of both physical and mental illnesses. The elements of spatial health in our physical and social surroundings can be designed.


Raven & Wood Agency brings together functional design background and conceptual thinking with a physical, sensuous undertone. We back up our intuition with research and facts. We dig into dreams and visions to make them come true. For us, health is pleasure and beauty is a function.


We dig into our client’s past, dreams, hopes and visions; we involve stakeholders to develop the best solutions. We fathom phenomena affecting the future needs and functions as the ‘why’ base for design decisions.

Creative direction

Our work starts with a strong concept that guides the design. Our approach is always strategic, and directed towards how to communicate the chosen approach. The process can result in branding, visual identity, spatial design, print or digital publications, events or other.

Spatial design

Our physical and social environments have a response in our bodies and brains. How our environments nurture or reject us has a profound impact on our health. We focus on designing beautiful spaces with a positive impact on emotional, cognitive and physical well-being. We source local products and skills, seek vintage and antiques, and use clean, socially and environmentally sustainable products whenever possible.

Design consultation

We research and conduct short or long-term spatial health strategies – roadmaps for public and private organisations in developing the current or future premises to better suit the well-being of the occupants. Qualified for WELL™ Building Standard, a LEED-compatible building standard to improve human health in built environments, we also conduct consultation on WELL.


Unsure whether your need fits our services? Please don’t hesitate to send us a note to mail ( a) ravenandwood.agency – let’s have a chat.


Raven & Wood Agency works with an international network of pioneering experts from researchers to urban planners, and from holistic healthcare professionals to architects and designers. Depending on the project, the agency can work independently, in collaboration with one collaborator, or form a consortium for bigger projects. Bringing together a multidisciplinary team that shares the same values but have different skillsets, strengths and perspectives enables a holistic take on projects.

Heini Lehtinen
Helsinki, Finland

Raven & Wood Agency embodies the vision and research of its founder and creative director Heini Lehtinen, a WELL AP™ qualified spatial designer (MDes Social Design). With long experience as a design journalist and editor-in-chief, she is also a co-editor of book ’Studio Time: Future Thinking in Art and Design’ (2018) with Jan Boelen and Ils Huygens. 



Anna Ahonen and Katariina Lamberg
Paris, France

Ahonen & Lamberg is a multidisciplinary design studio founded by designers Anna Ahonen and Katariina Lamberg. The studio concentrates on art direction, creative consultancy and graphic design with a design principle to balance classical and alternative design. The clientele of the studio ranges from multinational companies and luxury brands to emerging artists and designers.


Steven Beckers
Brussels, Belgium

A pioneer in circular economy and Cradle to Cradle (c2c), Steven Beckers is the founding partner and CEO of consultancy Lateral Thinking Factory and a co-founder of BIGH, a company developing and operating aquaponic urban farming. He has a long experience in sustainable architecture and planning, and has worked in large architectural projects globally. He also lectures regularly around the world.

Sara Bengts
Loviisa, Finland

Sara Bengts is a design researcher with a solid experience in the design field as a graphic designer, art director and design manager. As a design researcher, she backs up the research with social sciences. She has previously run her own design agency focused on the lifestyle industry, and has lived and worked in Helsinki, Milan, and London.
sarabengts.com – soon

José María de la Cuadra Osborne
Brussels, Belgium

José María de la Cuadra Osborne is a qualified architect and the founder of Frame studio. The practice carries out projects across Europe, in Belgium and Spain. For him, architecture is a unique art form in which emotions and functionality come together. His work revolves and explores the infinite relationships between art, architecture, place, space and site.

Jan Golembiewski
Sydney, Australia

Jan Golembiewski PhD is an architect, author and the director of Psychological Design. He is one of the world’s leading researchers in architectural design psychology; his research points out that physical environment has been found to be one of the biggest factors of some mental illnesses, and that design is psychoactive and can change the way people’s brains will develop.

Robert Charles Johnson
London, UK

Robert Charles Johnson is a designer and researcher with a focus on spatial and 3D design. He fuses a narrative approach to spaces and designed objects. In his Master thesis (MA Social Design), he focused on a routine to health and exercise within the built environments, and what powers dictate such a routine in today’s landscape.


Antti Pirhonen
Helsinki, Finland

Antti Pirhonen is an urban planner specialised in place management and branding, and a founder of urban planning consultancy Planest. For him, local service model is crucial in urban planning for the vitality of the community – services such as vehicle sharing, home delivery and health security services. He has wide experience in planning, design and development projects in the construction industry.


Cecilia Portnoj
Helsinki, Finland

Cecilia Portnoj is a holistic nutritionist with a background in sociology. She is the founder of Lagom Health, where she works with private and business clients on conscious eating and in helping individuals hear what their bodies are saying. Individuality and simplicity are the guiding stars for her; health is about consistency, not about pursuing perfection.


Louis-Emmanuel de Potesta
Brussels, Belgium

Currently working on to establish a holistic health centre, Louis-Emmanuel de Potesta has studied health and its leading factors – interactions of the individual and the environment – for a decade. He brings together phytomedicine and chemistry, traditional herbalism and philosophy. He has previously taught clinical diagnostics in London, UK, and is now working in herbalism in Brussels, Belgium.

Nel Verbeke
Brussels, Belgium

With a background in visual arts with specialisation in design and design research, Nel Verbeke is primarily a concept designer. Balancing between arts and design, her focus lies on emotional potential of shape and space. She shies away from the obvious, and searches and formulates new arrangements of our surroundings.

nelverbeke.com READ INTERVIEW | RWII


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